What is your Biggest Challenge with Your Service BDC

Michael Bilson
Curious what challenges dealers have faced when implementing a Fixed Ops BDC. What tools have helped or what processes do you find work best for you?
Jamil The Carman
Hello Michael, The biggest challenge I have been facing is how to pay my BDC people .Most of our customers come from online advertising and phone calls .The BDC follow up with them ,collect data set up appointments then hand it to the GSM,after this the Salesman's job turns into a greeter nothing more since he has gotten all info on the customer before he comes in.I have been looking for a better way to pay them and keep them upbeat and encouraged to produce and generate more leads.
Denim Simkins
@michael Great question, its loaded but none the less a great question. There are many answers for your question because there are so many different implementations of a BDC. The single most important thing has to be training, training and more training. Typically the position in the BDC is an entry level position and the person who fills the spot has little to no experience in automotive. A solid training program on dealership procedures, customer service, OEM training and the function of the BDC will help your future employee know how to handle the inbound call and make them more effective on the phone. Commitment is the the second greatest killer of a BDC - What I mean is that the SM or SD is not 100% on board and allows the advisors and or techs control the BDC rep with their feedback to them. A BDC will take your average advisor out of their comfort zone by "properly" scheduling your shop load based upon your set ups. The BDC should only have contact to the SM or SD or GM. Keep it fun and simple - A phone agent inside of the dealership is a tough job. Think of a reward system that is fun and engaging. Keep in mind the reward does not always need to be more money, it could be additional paid time off, extra long lunch and things of that nature. Keep their position simple, avoid assigning too many hats.
Lauren Cummins
I think the biggest thing is accountability. In order to promote accountability, the combination of a good call tracking provider and CRM provider will help set your BDC up for success. With call tracking, you can see not only if your BDC agent is making the calls, you can also see whether or not they are ACTUALLY connecting with prospects/customers, and booking appointments. Once you can see all of these things (and easily), without having to sift through all of the calls yourself, you can figure out some kind of incentive plan for your employees to have quality conversations. This will also decrease churn.
Roger Conant
I can tell you for sure...getting and keeping the right people! Hard!
mark rask
Communication between the bdc reps and the advisors.....they are in two separate buildings

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