What makes your Customer "Like" you on Facebook?

Chris Hill
We tie events into our Facebook and make the customer invest something to drive them to the site. For example we sponsored a race fan rally for Nascar. When the attendees walked by they are a Indy 500 media Camaro that was driven by one of the drivers in the Indy 500. We allowed anyone who wanted to get in and we took a picture. Then we gave them a card from our store and on the back our social media ventures. Told them to visit our facebook to download their pictures. Basically giving a reason to the consumer to visit. They need to have a vested interest and we give them that.
Randall Welsh
Great idea Chris, not only gives them a reason to visit, it gives them a reward for doing so. I like it. Does your service department also post offers to your Facebook site or sites like Thrupons/Groupons? If not, take a look at CIMA Social at here: http://www.cimasystems.net/social.asp. rwelsh@cimasystems.NET
Grant Gooley
Great question Randall. Consumer behaviour has changed recently and people are being way more careful with what groups they like on Facebook. Trust factor is important to gain the like. Once someone has bought a vehicle from you, literally just signed the papers with the business manager, put it in your sales process that the customer should then like your page. This way you know there is a trust factor, they just bought a vehicle from you! Simple, effective way to generate a consistant flow of likes. The best part is now Facebook is being used as a free retention tool that is engaging and fun for your customers.
Shannon Hammons
We haved contests that involve our fan base. We encourage engagement and try to use local events and news to help.
Mike Fox
If you post and share interesting, engaging, and quality content, you’ll keep the followers you have, they’ll share it with their friends, and those friends may also become fans. Also update your page daily with news,polls and how-to-do information.
Dawn Preston
With so many Facebook pages, with so many followers and members, what I have deduced that if the site admin posts a mixed bag of attractive posts, the page gets ‘liked’ by more audience. Moderators/Admins choose from current affairs to wacky cartoon illustrations to get a higher number of visitors to their pages. And yes, the occasional information and knowledge posts are there with a little bit of twist in every picture. Best SEO services India

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