What topic do you typically train around

Denim Simkins
Calling all fixed ops managers......... What is the most common topic of training you use in your team meetings? What topic is the most important? Thoughts?
Steve Tuschen
Communication, process, and CSI. We always go through the survey results and talk about the comments. Any score less than a 90 I contact to get feedback from the customer so we can work on improving our customer process. If you dive into your survey's those that can be fixed(those not being upset by there vehicle) come down to the advisor not communicating effectively with the customer, either in a timely fashion during the repair or no effective active delivery to ensure understanding, then work on the break down in the process to correct the issue. They are little steps that help the advisor continue to improve there craft.
Mark Miller
Communication is key, weather it is internal or external. As @Steve said, the survey is so important and must be communicated with each customer. As for process, making sure advisors are not overbooking themselves at any given time, this only takes away from the time they need to communicate. Sales is also a common thread, depending on the sales numbers there may need to be training for newer advisor so they become consultants and feel like more of a partner to the customers vehicle needs, not just a salesperson.
Marc Bellacosa
The one topic that has always been at the top of my list is making sure I know what is going on in their lives. Not dwelling into anything, just asking them questions like "what did you do for dinner last night" or " how was the softball game, did you win?" I ask these questions before the meeting or any coaching starts. A little question like this makes even the rookie in your department feel like part of the team.
Hey @Marc great point! some of those type of things really help build the team moral @mark like you mention some of the best service drives I see are ones that the advisors review numbers everyday and talk about them casually, it becomes a competition Thanks guys for the input
mark rask
communication and csi

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