When will we learn?

Joe Henry

Recently a manufacture’s distributor contacted me about suggested content for a focus group questionnaire so the manufacture could Segway into pulling Techs from other sources to come work for their dealers. Through my 20 years of Tech and dealership personnel recruiting, large corporations have asked me: "What are many wants and needs of technicians, and how do we structure a questionnaire so Techs can anonymously respond to our survey."

As I was handing out words of wisdom as to of the ins and outs of what to put into said focus group questions, I then mentioned that the manufacture could also target Techs of their brand on why their Techs are chumming the job waters with their resumes posted online.

“Oh, I don’t want to do that, I know why, our dealers treat their Techs like s&*t.”

I would say that this is a case study what NOT to do - Troll for Techs who are oblivious to the conditions that drive others away. I guess this group just had no feelings that Techs don’t deserve a better fate than a slow death.

So obviously there are still plenty in our industry who think this “Tech Shortage” will be like a Snap Chat picture post, that the shortage will just disappear in 24 hours. But every tea leaf I read makes me believe that it won’t go away and we should treat existing Techs with emotional tenderness.

I want to hear from you in our group. When do you think our industry will learn not look out on the floor of the Service Department, or Collision Center, and think: Techs are just loose cannons, that when they leave our tidy shop environment for the night, they might wake up the next day on a bench, hung over, with beer and chicken wing sauce on their uniform shirt.

Look forwarded to your responses


Mark Rask

This is so true 

Derrick Woolfson

While "electric vehicles" are becoming more prevalent, there is absolutely a tech shortage. There will still be a need for tech's for years to come. Dealers have to treat their techs with respect and provide decent pay. A lot of the issues stem from what their hourly rate is in addition to how much work their shops get. If they are stuck doing mostly "warranty" work or "internal RO's" then there is not much  incentive for them to work harder. They will leave looking for a shop that pays a better wage. 

Joe Henry

Thanks Mark and Derrick. And Derrick, with "fluids for life" and other C.P. killers, it just reduces the opportunities of hours turned. That is another reason why I suggest the industry as a whole HAS to review its' posture on "flat-rate" before medium to entry level techs go "flat-broke" 

Mark Rask

We are having a huge problem recruiting techs

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