Which DMS do you recommend?

Luke Elser
Hi all - thinking about switching DMS after a long while, but not sure if it's worth the trouble or the expense. Which DMS you use and what does it cost? Do you get the CRM or the add-ons? We move about 250-300 cars a year. Thanks all for any help - its much appreciated.
mark rask
We use automate as a dms. They are pretty easy to use. We use dealer socket as a crm. The two have just now started interfacing.
Christopher Murray
I wish I could give you a recommendation FOR a DMS but, sadly, it is as personal a choice as ones clothing. They all do a few, very few, things well and, conversely they all have their flaws too.
Mark Begley
Luke... I'm confident we can help with your DMS needs. At Autosoft, we pride ourselves on taking care of dealers in the same position as you. Autosoft FLEX DMS is a fully integrated, open architecture platform giving auto dealers a proven way to manage operations, communicate with customers and prospects all while servicing and selling cars quickly. We don't lock you in with long term contracts nor do we try to be all things to the dealership. We handle your core DMS needs and then help you integrate with any 3rd party tools you might need like CRM, inventory management and lead generators. For more info you can always visit us at www.autosoft-asi.com or just reach out to me at mbegley@autosoft-asi.com. It would be my pleasure to help. I have over 25 years experience running dealerships and I'm pretty sure we can share many war stories about dealerships and DMS systems!

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