Which mobile Phone/Device do you use and why?

Michael Moffitt
Mobile phones have changed the way we get our jobs done making it easier and letting us become more efficient in some respects. With Verizon being able to offer the iPhone and the increasing popularity of the Android phones which one do you use and how is it helping make your job easier?
Robert Hancock
I'm currently using an Evo shift 4g on Sprint. I got it about a week after the release to get out of the Samsung Blackjack that had served me reliably for three years. The keyboard is comfortable, the web browser and application layout is intuitive and the ability to create a mobile hotspot is great on the go, however it can only support two connected users so don't plan to host a meeting with it. I have a feeling we'll all be using our phones a lot more soon, so I wanted to invest now. Now if they'll just come out with a device this small that can run MS Excel really well I won't need to have my laptop at all.
Arnold Tijerina
My favorite is the iPhone. I like it because it integrates well with all my Apple products as well as Outlook. There really is an app for just about everything. The reason I like it.. it just works. Ive used Android phones in the past. They're a fine smartphone also but my personal tastes made me go back to the iPhone. I'm currently on AT&T but also have a Verizon account.. still waffling whether to switch or not.

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