Who Leads The Pack?

Amanda Gordon

Is social media taking over as the dominant force in auto marketing? Thoughts...

Derrick Woolfson

I think it is becoming more and more relevant. But not in the sense of organic posts such as happy customer campaigns. But rather paying to get more views and ad space in peoples timelines. 

Kristen Tepper

I think social is the dominant force, especially when you empower your employees and customers to use it, to promote you. Organic is basically dead for a business so it's time to empower your audiences to do it for you. 

Engaging through share offers on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, like and tag a friend on instagram.  

The value of a friend's recommendation or the value of reviews have only grown stronger in the day and age where we have the ability to share our experiences (good and bad) so quickly!

Every time I go to the movies, which is often, I see a big white screen for about 60 seconds right before the movie starts with a big Gold Chevy bowtie. But, social is where everyone's eyes are so it makes sense to be there! 

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