Why Didn't You Call....?

Brad Bossen
It was 5:15pm, I'm standing on the service drive, the customer is livid! She just travelled across town during rush hour to pick up her car and it's not ready. Listen to the excuses, "but you have a free loaner car", "why didn't you call before your left", "the additional work is all FREE warranty work". Is there really any possible excuse for not contacting a customer? Really now. Do you know anyone over the age of 10yrs that does not have a cell phone? Time is our (our customers) most valuable possession. Disrespect for a customer's valuable time is inexcusable. She uses HER dealership for a $32 lube service. Doesn't give a hoot about the squeaky steering wheel warranty repair. Over an hour of her time was wasted, still doesn't have HER car…and will have to do the same thing again, tomorrow! I guarantee you that customer was researching another dealer on her way home. A VERY expensive mistake!
Gary Sanders
Is there really any possible excuse for not contacting a customer? NO. I bet she has an EMAIL ADDRESS, her cell accepts TEXT or you could have posted a messsage on her FACEBOOK wall.
Brad Bossen
Absolutely Gary. You know as consumers ourselves we won't and don't accept that kind of service (lack). I saw a great idea in AZ. Seems the company cell phones issued to the ASM's did not have texting capability (might text someone I guesss!). But to their credit,mgmt isolated one computer on the Drive with 3 - 4 prewritten customer replies. ASM's just put in the customer's number,selected the prewritten reply and pushed SEND. Good alternative, and extra credit for the can-do attitude!

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