Why pay for your own name?

Michael Sweigart
We have read more and more analytic reports from dealers who are either running their own ppc campaigns, or using an "expert" to run them. More often than not, these vendors are buying the dealer's name. A good website ranks #1 for their own name, so why spend 3 or 4 bucks a click when you already have it for free? Other than deep competitive reasons, why does this so often go unnoticed?
JD Rucker
There are two reason why it happens. First, the clicks are cheap, normally less than a dollar depending on your name, so a lot of companies say it's a good way to make sure you get the click and not somebody else. This is bogus, of course. If they're looking for you by name, they'll find you if you're listed at the top organically. Even more bogus, however, is the second reason. Many marketing companies are charging a rate for X number of clicks. They say, "If you pay us $5000, we'll get 3500 clicks to your site, guaranteed." The most clicks will almost always come from people searching for a dealership by name. Since the PPC is cheap for your own name, these companies try to get the most clicks as possible for the least amount of money. If, using the example above, they can get 1000 clicks at 30 cents each, they only have to get the remaining 2500 clicks for less than $4700! Assuming the average click cost is $1.20, they would fulfill their obligation for $3000. That means that they pock
Michael Sweigart
JD, Good points, all of them. In some markets we find that there is such little competition, or no competition at all for the dealers name. One vendor, who shall remain nameless, really built an entire search business model around the dealers name and variations of the dealers name. Again, phrases that the dealer wins even with a poorly constructed website. I also find it interesting to look at the transparency of some of these SEM companies. If they will not tell you what keywords they are buying, well that's a big sign right there that tells you they are not going to do right by you. One example: A GMC dealers PPC ads were showing up when I searched for used honda motorcycles. I am guessing the "broad matched" used honda. Crazy. Another example: One dealer's PPC company was buying the word "rotation". What ws that for? tire rotation I would hope, but it could have been world rotation, rotational mass, etc. etc. It really blows my mind to see some of the trickery out there but we k

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