Will Your Dealer Programs Make Sense Anymore? Will Your Value Propositions Get Lost in the White Noise?

Derrick Woolfson

With most if not all of us having to change the way we approach service with everything from pick-up, drop-off, etc. will we need to overhaul our service branding? That is updating the "dealer programs" to reflect our new processes. 

The flip-side to this is that because all of these services that once made some dealers stand-out will only become white noise now. How are you going to break the white noise and offer new services/programs? 

No ready solution yet.It is hard to predict working conditions.

Chris K Leslie

Good question. I guess the ol' Free Carwash aint gonna work anymore. 

Dax Robinson

Provide a buying experience that nobody around you is. A to Z sales consultants and digital retailing are some great options. 

Bart Wilson

I think updating the value prop on some of the dealer benefits you're offering right now is definitely a smart activity.  It will be interesting to see how things evolve if and when we get back to normal.  How many of these COVID benefits will dealers keep?

Chris K Leslie

Well, I guess it all depends on the customers and if they demand it or something? 

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