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Hans Meyer
and if so how much? In a perfect world a dealer would not need this, but as we all know we don't live in a perfect world. The concept is called "Fixed Operations Retained Services" a third, fourth and fifth eye on the dealers Fixed Operations business. For one monthly fee (12 month contract) dealers receive the following: An initial on site review of all fixed operations functions and metrics, culminating in a detailed report on the state of the dealers fixed operations business, including recommendations for increasing ROI with all dealership ownership and management. A monthly written Financial Statement Analysis of fixed operations, highlighting (green/yellow/red) all major Fixed Operations functions and metrics trends. Plus written recommendations for resolution and/or ROI improvement. This would require the dealer to send in their statement monthly. 8 hrs of (normally) billable consulting time. To be used towards resolution of the above noted issues or any other Fixed Operations related issues such as MFG program assistance. Unused hours could be rollover eligible. Consulting hours above and beyond the included monthly 8hrs billed at a 10% discount from non-subscriber rates. The dealer gets continual fixed operations oversight and consulting for minimal cost. A dealer can easily save and/or make additional profit to cover the cost. It provides the dealer with a third party watch dog over their Fixed Operations business, an area that the average dealer is not readily familiar with. A watch dog that has the dealers back without the agenda that, at times, even their own Service & Parts managers may have or that the factory may have. We all know that service and parts managers do not play well together at times and sometimes hide issues from the dealer due to self interest. And as we well know, the factories have their own agenda that, while well intentioned, may not be addressing the dealerships most pressing Fixed Operations needs. Most field reps are certainly not equipped to help the dealer in areas other that what is on their agenda. The team providing these services represent some of the most successful retail fixed operations programs in the business. This is obviously aimed at the dealer or GM. If a dealer has strong Fixed Operations management this may not be needed. Weak Fixed Operations managers will no doubt feel uncomfortable with this. However, it does present an opportunity for the intelligent but possibly inexpericed manager to bring their operations game to the highest levels. I would be interested in feed back. Would you subscribe? If not, why. If so, how much would you pay? Would you want more or less? What else would you be looking for? Thanks Hans J Meyer The Fixed Operations Group Hans@FixedOpsGroup.com
mark rask
sounds like a good service
Robert Karbaum
What is a reasonable price that you had in mind?
Hans Meyer
Thanks for all your interest.... The price point is mostly what I am trying to dial in. We had $2500/mo in mind for this comprehensive service. Keeping in mind this includes monthly actionable recommendations and consulting time to make it happen. We also had a more basic service in mind. It still includes monthly assessments, an intitial comprehensive assessment, 4 hrs/monthly of consulting time and a 5% discount on on going consulting projects. What it does not include is actionable recommendations and rollover of unused hrs. Target monthly cost of this program would be $1000/mo. We have moved away from the 12 month contract and are simply looking at a month to month arrangement. Hans J Meyer Managing Consultant Fixed Operations Group Hans@fixedopsgroup.com

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