You Can Thrive, Not Just Survive During the Downturn

Jessica Russell
How did you survive 2009? Most Dealers expenses have been cut to the bone, but at what cost to their bottom line? With 82% of customers keeping their vehicles longer and CRM Systems failing 70% of the time, what is your survival plan for 2010? Less than 40% of customers that you put into a car use your service department (Less than 25% that do come in, won’t come back). If it hasn’t sunk in yet, Dealerships cannot survive by sales alone! Now what? Some dealers are waking up and realizing it’s impossible to cut their way to prosperity. Sooner or later the realization hits that you can’t keep cutting profits. You have to produce them and that means more customers “in the door.” Dealers don’t simply want to survive, they want to thrive. Ask yourself this… did you get into the car business for fun, or because there were huge opportunities to MAKE MONEY??? If you want to thrive, you need more customers! So, let’s get real. What if you were guaranteed 4 to 1 that you would:  Generate More Paying Customers  Increase Repair Order Counts  Get More Repeat and Referral Business And, generate $1,000,000 or more Additional Revenue According to N.A.D.A the service and parts department brought in more than 100% of operating profits in 2008. So, dealers are selling cars just so the service department can fix them…that is surviving, not thriving! I am looking for dealerships that are tired of spending thousands on “pie in the sky” tactics and want REAL, GUARANTEED results! Please comment, or feel free to e-mail me to discuss this further.

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