Your warranty is almost up!!!

Denim Simkins
I recently had a discussion with another industry professional and we were talking about the dance that happens when a customer is getting close to their factory warranty expiring. We all have had the customer that has the "going out of warranty blues" and is finding every little thing that needs to be repaired. As a dealer we get a little squeamish because of the OEM holding tight on the warranty guideline reigns and this action could cause you trend high on the r/1000 list. Because of this the interaction with the customer typically is a little tense and could cause a bad feeling in the customers head. My though is this. Why not turn this into a positive. We will always have that small percentage that insists on their vehicle having everything checked out, but what about the remaining 90 to 95% of customers that would view this as a great customer service. They would feel that we are looking out for their best interest and typically when we bring a vehicle in to do this inspection we hardly ever find a mechanical failure. More importantly this would give you a chance to maybe sell an extended warranty while the vehicle is still considered a new car and get the new vehicle rate on the extended warranty. The next question we had... How do we find these customers in our data base?
Mark Miller
You bring up a good point Denim. Having spent many years at high line European import stores, which typically provide a longer warranty and more expensive repairs out of warranty, most of my customer found all the squeaks, bumps, rattles, and leaks they could at 49,500 miles. If we couldn't verify these they obviously wanted some assurance that after warranty they would be covered since they brought them up, we all know how that goes over. This provides a segue into the options of extended warranty. When properly presented, you can explain the benefits of extended protection from these worries and help the dealership build revenue as well as show the customer you are looking out for the long term. We had a service drive product we could sell through CNA that was perfect. I also had a good relationship with the F&I manager and he loved getting referrals from me for warranties. This all comes back to fostering good relationships with your customers and other departments.
mark rask
we can and do run this report in our crm
Steve Tuschen
It is also available in AutoAlert to mine that data and I am sure the other obvious places. OEM's are even starting to change their advertising for the last service before warranty, which is a good place to put a coupon on the warranty, to atleast have the discussion.

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