3-Step Process to Fix Your Recruiting Challenge

Jason Volny

Are you tired of asking your salespeople if they know anyone who would like to sell cars? Chances are, their friends know how much they work and they want nothing to do with that. How about passing your business card out to every good server or a bartender only to never hear from them because they threw your card in the trash. Ok, maybe it’s not never, however, I have never met anyone successful in that approach.

The trick to recruiting is no different than selling a car. It’s a simple three-step process.

1) Have a product they want

2) Marketing to bring in new customers

3) Make the process easy

Have the product they want

What is so appealing about working for your organization? Do you take into account the top four needs of today’s workforce: career development, mentorship, work-life balance, and compensation? What does your online reputation say about your organization? Just like you analyze your inventory, you must analyze your employee's opportunity through their lense, not yours. You may have the best looking Pontiac Aztec, however, nobody wants it. Your job posting may be in the same boat.

Marketing to bring in new customers

Have you ever wondered why sometimes marketing works and sometimes it doesn’t? Chances are if it works, you used the right channels and the right message to communicate with the right demographic. If one marketing plan doesn’t work, we pivot and try something else. Not rocket science. So why do we keep recruiting using the same channels, the same message and expecting different results? Try something new. For example, did you know that most of the job-posting sites will give you access to the resumes of the people actively looking for work? Some of these people are not even thinking about working for you, because, let’s face it, nobody wakes up one morning and says to themselves, “I wanna sell cars for a living.” We know it’s a great career, however, if we don’t offer them what they are looking for, and overcome their fears of the automotive industry, they’re not coming in for an interview. So, you must craft a letter that overcomes their fears of the automotive industry, tells them something about your organization, their job role, and focuses on what’s important to them: career development, mentorship, work-life balance, and compensation. After you craft the message, send it to some of the people that are actively looking for work. How do you know if they are actively looking for work? They have just updated their resume. What does it tell you when someone just updated their resume? I can spend days on this subject.

Make the process easy

Why do we still ask for a resume? Did you know that 78% of all job searches are done on a cellphone? Do any of you have a resume on your cellphone? I’m not saying that resumes are not important, what I am saying, make your application process much simpler. Also, are we putting too much into the resume? Some of my best salespeople could not type up a good resume, but they knew how to sell cars. Look around you and you’ll see, the best salespeople are usually bad at this. So do we really care how good it is? NO! Bring them in and talk to them. I’m not saying use the old method of fogging a mirror. This is where you invest the time and create a really good interview process to make sure we hire the right people.

Recruiting is not easy, however, it’s not complicated either. Just use what you already know, the car business.


What are you guys doing to actively recruit?

Mallory Hughes

Great post. I definitely agree that asking for a resume on mobile is outdated, especially when there are questions asking you to basically rewrite your resume on most applications! 

Mark Rask

this is great

Derrick Woolfson

The second point hits the nail on the head. If you are not bringing customers into the store - simply expecting them to generate all of their business it will not work. It has to be a combination of both. This is especially true for those who are otherwise new to the industry! 

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