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Not sure about your success on 3rd party leads, but what kind of factor did you use or are you still using to determine “what makes a 3rd party lead worthwhile to consider in your lead-mix?” We know about the closing ratios these leads can bring or won’t be able to achieve, depending on your dealership’s process and how well it is integrated. I can imagine that sometimes even regional factors are playing a role on how well leads are truly providing a valuable prospect and what closing ratio can be expected (assuming you and your processes are top notch). Let’s face, according to a recent survey conducted by Dealix in 2010, almost 80% of the participating dealers were not satisfied with the quality of “INFO” the lead provided. One of the most common questions was actually “How often was this just incoming lead in our CRM actually sold to others?” I am wondering, would it be helpful when an incoming lead actually would let you the dealer and or Internet Sales Professional know, if the potential buyer submitting the lead has generated a lead as well in the past? Is this one of the typical “Tire Clicker” leads (computer term instead using the all common jargon “Tire Kicker”)? Or, can it possible help us as Internet Sales Professional if the incoming lead is just looking into our brand and not have submitted anything to a competitor brand? What do you think? Would kind of this information mentioned above be able to give you a possible competitive advantage to find out more about your immediate buyers and their behavior?

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