4 Tips for Advertising Used Cars on Craigslist

Adam Ross
http://bit.ly/bePahz 4 Best Practices for Online Classified Ads 1. Think LEADS, not e-mails. Each listing should link to a specific landing page that has a lead form on it to collect more info about the consumer and disables the e-mail seller link on Craigslist. 2. Replace your local phone number with a unique toll-free forwarding number for each classified site. This tracks call volume, gives you a caller ID and history for missed calls, plus it records all calls for quality and legal purposes. 3. Make sure that there is only one phone number throughout the listing. It would do no good to enlist a toll-free service only to have it circumvented because there was a second phone number (cell or local) in the vehicle description paragraph and/or watermarked on the photos. 4. Monitor click-through activity regularly to know which cars are getting clicked on most often... This can help you identify if your pricing needs to be adjusted or what to buy going forward based on real-time consumer demand. What are your best practice tips?
Bryant Gibby
Great insight Adam. Our dealership is a little bit behind the times when it comes to craigslist. We just started using it through our used car advertising vendor and I have had a lot of questions lately. I'll for sure consider your advice and see if it helps. Also, do you know if there is any limit to how many cars a dealer can post on craigslist at one time? I was told I can only have 10 posted at a time.
Ryan Lucia
Not an ad but Chat in craigslist has found to be pretty effective. All transcripts are recorded etc...so same applies.
Aj Maida
Ryan, Which vendor are you using and how do you put yopur chat into the Advertisement?
Ryan Lucia
Aj, I am not a big fan of promoting my business but the company I work for offers it (Contact At Once). It's code....we dumb down the code we use for auto dealer websites and you can add it to your template. Again, I wasn't trying to promote my business but it's just now becoming a growing trend and we have a lot of dealers using it.
Adam Ross
@Bryant - Sorry for the delay in response... It is prohibited to “over-post” or post too many ads in a given day. There is no specific or “magic” number of ads you “can” post in a day. Craigslist suggests only posting once every 48 hours. Some dealers post as many as 10 to 15 ads per day, or more. Whether or not a dealer will be flagged for over-posting depends entirely on how their posting habits are viewed by the Craigslist community in their local area and who will make their opinion known through the use of the ad flagging system. How many ads you can post will also depend upon the region and locale you are posting too. Larger cities and major metropolitan areas like New York, LA, Dallas, etc., are far busier and more trafficked. Because of this, individual dealers can usually “get away” with posting less ads than they might be able to post in a smaller or more “rural” location such as, let’s say, Akron, OH. Feel free to call me to discuss this further - (201) 481-1424

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