5 Questions you haven't been asked before

Brandin Wilkinson

General Managers / Dealer Principals / Owners;

I'm curious to get your feedback on the following questions.  As a Dealer, I'm finding it frustrating that there are a couple of monopolies out there controlling what we do with our pre-owned inventory.  Whether that's the way we list our inventory online or what we do with the pre-owned unit to free up cash flow.  I'm working on a better alternative for dealers that benefits us more but also provides the consumers with an option to buy the inventory online.  We could swap the expense of sending a unit to auction for the profit from a client.  And I'd argue that this would actually require less work and time than sending a vehicle to auction.

I'm looking forward to your feedback.....

#1; Have you measured your total cost per Auction unit against the LVC (lifetime value of a client)?  

#2; Is there a need for an alternative platform to sell pre-owned inventory other than through auction to clear up your line of credit?

#3; Are you satisfied with the profit and results from your current pre-owned sales outlets such as Auction Sites, AutoTrader, Kijiji, etc.?

#4; What if you could gain a client with virtually no initial contact yet still maintain their relationship after the sale and have their information in your database?  This would save time, you get the same result as you do now (the sale), and you get the long-term benefit of a relationship with the client.

#5; Do you think there is a need for a more convenient, faster, and transparent online platform to sell pre-owned inventory?

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