7 Ways to Attract More Women Buyers

Anne Fleming

Here is a post I just added about being the dealership of choice & 7 ways you can engage buyers: https://www.drivingsales.com/anne-fleming/blog/womens-1-digital-destination-is-your-website-7-ways-to-engage

What are your thoughts of ideas for attracting more women buyers to your dealership?

Kristen Tepper

I think hiring more females in this industry is a great start. Not that I doubt a man's ability to effectively and correctly understand, market and sell to women but I think having more input from women in the industry as an overall would help the industry grow and tackle some of those common misconceptions about working at a dealership or in this industry as a whole. 

Anne Fleming

Thank you for your comments, Kristen. KBB and others reports that 62% of women are not confident going to a dealer. Our solutions help dealers sell more cars by fostering trust and building engagement. Trust, Trust, Trust -- thats where it all happens. Male or female, no matter, it comes down to how we treat each other. And, yes, it great to see more women in the industry, for many reasons.  

Mark Rask

i beleive Kristen is right....thanks for the tips anne

Anne Fleming

Mark, thank you. 


Roger Conant

GR8 info Anne!  Just to add, I don't believe we'll have any dramatic change until the mostly male front line culture adapts to the communication styles of women.  As for employing more women...here's my take on that from a letter I wrote to Automotive News.  http://www.autonews.com/article/20170220/RETAIL07/302209996/train-to-adjust-to-the-new-customer

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