A lesson in handling a crisis

Aaron Schinke
You have to love a company that is willing to own up to their 'mistake' and make it right. Even if the fire was unavoidable... What a great example of how to treat a customer!
Tommy Bay
Social media allows such an amazing avenue for communicating to clients and potential clients surrounding a bad situation, especially when traditional news media might lean toward a negative spin if left to their own devices. Well done, RCCL. I'm curious if any dealers out there have experiences to share from the dealership of a catastrophe diffused (or multiplied) by social media.
Big Tom LaPointe
this response seems textbook- like Tylenol in the 80's. nice to see transparency rather than ludicrous spin
Max Katsarelas
Dealers have a great opportunity to really surprise people on social media. How many dealers highlight a negative experience of their customer and show how they responded? Probably not many. What if a dealer publicly acknowledged a negative Tweet about their store and addressed it for all their followers to see? For example, let's say someone waited four hours for an oil change that was supposed to be 45 minutes. If the disgruntled customer Tweets about it, a dealership could RT and let the customer know they're sorry and next time they come in for service, lunch is on the dealership. Saying sorry is one thing, but it doesn't give the customer a reason to come back. Telling them sorry and that you'll also throw in a free lunch not only is an incentive to come back, BUT allows other customers to see you actually care about creating an excellent customer experience.
Shannon Hammons
That is a great example for all of us to follow

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