A New Digital Leader!

David Tokarsky
As a NEW future leader in the automotive business, I have quickly learned the great importance of getting the internet shopper from their computer into the dealership to build an eternal relationship with them for all of their automotive needs. Would anyone like to share YOUR best advice for someone looking to make a grand, immediate impact with regards to help getting them into the dealership? Here's what I have so far when emailing the lead: 1.) Answer their question(s) 2.) Include picture of the auto they're interested with a couple other similar options. 3.) End the email with a question to get them to respond back to you to get the relationship going. Thank you all in advance for your great insight!
Bobbie Herron
Welcome to the team David. This is a great conversation. I'm interested to see how everyone responds to this as we all are so unique in our methods. The foundations are relatively similar.
Kevin Janz
If they provide a phone # , then call them! right after you send the email. Tell the guest you are calling to verify it sent out and they received it . Its a perfect opportunity to make sure their expectations have been fulfilled. We only have a short window of time to engage our shoppers online before the risk of them getting lost at sea grows exponentially. Also Keep the email short and sweet. I agree with answering their questions. But try and hold onto something that you can use as a reason for them to reach back to you.
Lauren Cummins
Hi David! This is a great question. The main thing you need to focus on is nurturing an internet lead. Here's what we do right now: "Hi David, I received your inquiry about a Nissan Altima. Let's further discuss your questions in person. Does today or tomorrow work better for you? We can talk about other great options you might like as well. Give me a call at 888-888-8888 as soon as you can" Here's why that's wrong: The sales guy asks for the appointment right away, and he don't answer the customer's questions. Building trust with the internet shopper is crucial. Instead, take the time to get to know the customer. Yes, getting them into the dealership and making a sale is crucial, but you'll never get there if you blow it in the first email. Here's the right way to do it: 1. Introduce yourself and your position 2. Thank them for being a part of their research process, and assure them that you will answer any and every question they have. 3. Include information (screenshot) of the car of interest 4. Offer to discuss the options over THE PHONE (hint, the phone is crucial) 5. Assure them again that you will help them with their process and will help them find the vehicle that meets their needs. 6. Provide phone number, and let them know you will be timely with your response. As I said before, the phone is extremely important. You want to make sure you don't let a hot internet lead go cold. Give them a call as soon as the internet lead comes in. Email communication can make the process more long and drawn out. Hope this helps! We write about topics like this all of the time, so if you ever have more questions, visit www.info.carwars.com/blog
David Tokarsky
Thank you Kevin, good information!
I agree with Lauren, getting the customer to the next step in the communication process as soon as possible; by phone; is critical to set an appointment since there are so many other dealerships that will take the initiative if you don't touch them asap by phone to win an appointment and ultimately, hopefully, convert to a sale.

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