adding people

Steve Tuschen
When do you really decide to add another salesman, advisor, technician, office staff?
Clint Jones
About 90 days after we should have!!! But seriously Steve, this is a really good question. Salespeople average about 10 units a month. So if you want to sell 50 units you need 5. If you consistently sell 50 and there isn't much overflow traffic, the 5 for 50 formula works pretty good. If one quits, and you don't replace them, your sales will slowly work their way down to 40. You replace the guy that quit, and you will work your way back up to 50 in a couple months. That is all pretty simple. However, you will not automatically go to 80 units a month by simply hiring 8 salespeople. I will follow this thread close. I am curious how others handle this.
Steve Tuschen
Here are the formula's that I have been given as guides: Dealership total count should equal gross/11,000 Advisor's are good for 35,000 in gross per month Technicians 12,000 in gross Salesman 12 per total sold Thoughts?

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