ADP Vs Dealertrack DMS Systems

Steve Devereaux
Has anyone had experience using both of these DMS companies? Has anyone ever transitioned from one to the other? If you have experienced both, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it on here. Here are some of the specifics: Overall which one did you like the best and why? Which one offers greater value? Which one integrates with 3rd parties the best? What are the pros or cons of each? Who has better customer service? I found it interesting that 20% of the top 50 independent dealers were using Dealertrack, while only 16% where using ADP. There are the two most popular DMS vendors for independent dealerships. Any information you can share would be great! Thanks to anyone who posts!!
Jason Enders
Steve...we had been with ADP for over 20 years and it has been a full year now that we switched DMS providers from ADP to DealerTrack. To answer your questions: Overall which one did you like the best and why? Simple, DealerTrack! 1) ease of use 2) HUGE SAVINGS 3) web based 4) no contracts 5) real time instant info! 6) a 1 page invoice each and every maintenance "support" fees Which one offers greater value? Simple, DealerTrack! Over the past year, our DMS and related expenses have gone done by over 70%!!! Which one integrates with 3rd parties the best? We have had no issues whatsoever with 3rd party integration's of any kind. What are the pros or cons of each? The pro's of DealerTrack are amazing: -save money, great service, user friendly system, month to month agreement...yes, that's right, month to month! They are willing to put their money where their mouth is each and every month! No dealing with ADP Leasing Company. No leasing laser printers. No click charges. No maintenance & supply fees. Who has better customer service? Simple, DealerTrack! We use to pay ADP silly money and could never get close to the level of service that DealerTrack provides! Hope this helps Steve. If you would like to discuss this in length, please feel free to contact me. The transition went well and the DealerTrack team was on their game! Jason Enders Vice President Braeger Auto Group Milwaukee, WI
Bryan Armstrong
Steve I'd have to agree. Yes I was with a group that switched from ADP after 20 years to DT. Since we are here in SLC, I think we were the "test subjects" but I have to say that even in it's early years (this was in 2008) the service level was fantastic. There was some kick-back from Service and accounting at first, but DT made adjustments and I wouldn't change a thing. Call or e-mail me if you'd like. You have my info.
Steve Devereaux
Thanks for the information. I did a demo with Dealertrack and it seems like a pretty good system. Thanks for the input. If anyone has more to add about DMS systems in general that would be great. Thanks!
Dan McLaughlin
I've sent a message to Steve directly, but anyone else reading this who wants me to setup a demo for you to see a Cloud-Based solution, I'd be glad to do it. Dynamique Auto Dealer Solutions, Inc. ( has the Sales Edition which is the front office solution suited for Independents, and the Enterprise Edition which has the back office covered with Parts and Service. Just drop me a line, and we'll show you how simple it is to do business in the cloud. or
Reynaldo Rivas
Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a month to month agreement, I found a blank form here

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