Analyzing Your Website Traffic

Joey Little
In pulling up stats on random websites, I have seen a very definite trend in the past 30 days of visitors. Traffic is highest the first part of the week – Monday through Wednesday – then seems to taper off into the weekend. This surprised me, as I always thought people would spend time on the weekend shopping online. What this tells us is that you should focus your website special events (i.e. online-only coupons, internet specials, etc.) toward these times. Add this information on Friday, and update it every Friday, to make sure it’s there for those Monday shoppers. Go to your stats and find out what the most viewed vehicles are and incorporate them into this weekly rotation by making specials out of them. Throw up a Monday Service special or whatever day of the week that your Service Department is the least busy. A lot of people will wander the showroom or the lot while they wait for their vehicle to be serviced, and may find their next dream car in the process. I know there are a lot of vendors out there, who want to help you analyze your visitors, but you already have the most accurate one for your website – it’s your stats. Don’t get too caught up in yesterday’s stats or last week’s numbers.  Look at them over at least a 30-day period. This will help you gear your website towards your visitors and their shopping trends, so that you get the highest return for your efforts.
Bryan Armstrong
Joseph- It's funny you should have put this up now. As I have been going over ways to improve, I actually started tracking WHEN and HOW the lead (service or otherwise) came in vs. requested appt. time. BTW-VinLens ROCKS!!! Service leads and requests for quotes are at their peak at the beginning of the week for me as well and contrary to what I may believe, have requested SERVICE during the week as well. Weird because in the summer it is opposite here in Utah. I can only guess that during the winter people want to consolidate their time away from home. Great observation.

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