Anyone having success hiring women in your store?

H Gregory Gershman
Hiring women has become the definitive challenge in employment for dealerships. Has anyone had success hiring women to work at your dealership? If you are a woman, what was your experience getting hired? What attracted you to want to work at the dealership? What would tell other women in the job market about your experience?
Ernie Kasprowicz
Our dealership clients have had success in hiring women and have found the long term experience to be to their advantage. The purchaser of our products are diverse, our product presentation and sales team needs to be as well.
Jace Greenman
Sometimes the challenge comes from someplace other than where you'd expect. For example, clearly women in the US continue to have a huge disadvantage in the workplace. They often are paid less for the same work and in many cases leave the workforce altogether because the cost of childcare eats up so much of their take-home pay. As a result, fewer women are even available (or willing) to enter the workforce as the financial benefits can be meager. Earlier today, a Nobel laureate economist at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland suggested a solution to the problem: Subsidized child care. His claim is that subsidizing child care will allow more women to remain in the workforce AND has the side effect of creating additional jobs by increasing the number of childcare workers in countries that implement subsidized childcare. Brilliant!!But for it to gain any traction, affected women, and those of us who support their cause, will need to make their voices heard. Only once the playing field is level can we fairly compare our success in hiring women as opposed to our success in hiring men.
Megan Barto
I've worked in a dealership for just shy of 8 years. I disagree that women are paid less -- as far as sales professionals go, you don't have a separate pay plan for men & woman, correct? The typical pay plans are what they are. What attracted me? I started out in a Honda store & I always drove a friends said I should be in sales because I'm not shy. I think one of the keys to hiring women is letting them know you run a family-friendly place (you do, right?). It's all about your culture. If you let them have time off to go see their children's concerts, or soccer games, they'll be thrilled and are stoked you understand that family is important. I think all too often "we" (as in dealers) have the stigma that our employees work 70+ hours a week. Make that clear and find a confident woman who doesn't get her feelings hurt easily & you'll be good! Great question!
H Gregory Gershman
@Megan Thanks for sounding off! Caring about having a schedule that works for the employer & the employee is so important. Am I right in saying that you don't mind putting in some hours as long as there is enough give to still have the moments you should be a part of with your family? Have a culture that values women as actual people with lives outside work? BTW, I know you are a social animal, so if there are any other women in your circle that would put their two cents in on this topic it would be great!
Ernie Kasprowicz
@Megan. We appreciate your thoughts about this. the key. Facts are women play a key role in the purchasing decision. Facts are women are excellent sales professionals. The challenge is within the dealership and among other things, the boys will be boys innuendo mentality and that WILL get a dealership in trouble. Gotta change! Consider it this way. I am personally blessed to be the father of both a son and a daughter. If I only had sons I am quite sure I would not be the same person I am today. A daughter (female) perspective in my environment changes the way I view and act upon things. I have no doubt a dealership would benefit greatly with more women in the workplace.

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