Are Car Salespeople Making Less?

With profit margins on new AND used cars so tight a local dealer here has made some changes to their pay plan that have salespeople making less money, a lot less, unless they are making BIG GROSS. When much of your sales are leases and the company advertises blowouts and used inventory is being eaten alive online before the customer hits the lot are salespeople taking one for the team in the car business? 

Mark Rask

the sales people at our place can still make good money but they have to work all of the aspects of the pay plan

Amanda Gordon

Still available but not as common ground as it used to be as dealerships are moving away from "sales consultants" and more towards "product specialists, customer management reps" and whatever other creative names they come with to make it clear that that person is NOT on commission. 

Excellent point, Amanda. How do you feel about salespeople who don't work on commission? 

Chris K Leslie

We just had a sales person hit a record number for our organization last month in compensation. There is still money to be made. 💰💰💰

Michael Harwood

It's a job that rewards dedication and skill way more than it used to. Its harder to make those big checks. they are still there though. 

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