Are the inmates running the asylum?

Ron Henson
Who is truly in charge at your dealership? I spoke with 2 Dealer Principals yesterday who both expressed frustration that they can't get their sales staff to attend training and sales meetings? What!?! Thoughts?
Keith Wilkerson
Reasons why sales staff don't attend meetings/training: 1. The meetings/training are redundant, tiresome, and don't really offer any new substance or value to the salesperson. 2. There is no incentive/punishment for missing the meetings/training. Are absentees not allowed to participate in current bonuses/spiffs introduced in those meetings. Are absentees not allowed to answer the phone/take a floor up until everyone else gets theirs? 3. The managers themselves don't attend meetings/training to support the trainer or fellow manager. This obviously sends a mixed message. 4. The "sacred cow" salespeople are excused from such attendances and are allowed to do their own thing. 5. The trainer/manager runs the show like a prison warden/jailer instead of a head coach/mentor. 6. The training is out-dated and doesn't work in today's business. 7. The meetings/training are negative. They are focused on the problems, and offer no solutions. Many times, the salespeople will take over these meetings and turn them into "bitch sessions." 8. The training/meetings are not consistently scheduled and always moved around from week to week to the whim of the managers. 9. The trainer/manager doesn't practice what he/she preaches in real-time situations, and everyone knows it. 10. The salesperson doesn't like being called out to participate in training to be exposed as ignorant of the subject matter. I think that about covers it!
Ron Henson
Well said Keith. Most of those, if not all, are dealership culture issues that need to be resolved from the top down. Wouldn't you agree?
Megan Barto
You don't need negativity like this in a dealership. The GM sets the tone = Mine always says "I wouldn't ask an employee to do something I wouldn't do myself." They need to go to the meetings!! EVERYONE DOES! It's all about CULTURE (See my breakout at DSES ::: shameless plug :::) Get the salespeople involved! Ask them if there's an experience they had that was a positive or negative one (either way) a positive one will help teach others a way to do something & a negative one will help others learn how to handle that situation!
Keith Wilkerson
I agree, Ron and Megan. I love the saying "Great strategy is always negated by bad culture." It's so true. It starts with the owner/dealer principal, then the GM.
Mark Winters
True words.. I find it so interesting that the people at the top complain that they can't get there people to do something when it is them that are failing to do that something. What is that something , you guessed it. Changing a dealerships culture. Read my article on that very subject .

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