Are you seeing less incoming phone calls in the BDC

Steve Simon
It seems that we are seeing much less phone call traffic and an increase in chats, texts and various other non-personal communication when customers are seeking information on vehicles available, pricing and such. I'd like to hear from others do you see this trend in your dealerships and what do you feel is the best practice to handle this trend.
Danny Spurgeon
Inbound calls are down everywhere, yes. As far has how to handle the trend you better go to where your customers are or your competition is. We have almost doubled our text messaging and decreased our out-bound phone calls by about half. Here is why: You can bet that if a customer receives a text message they will read it, even if they don't know the sender, message received. More than likely if the customer doesn't know the phone # they are not answering, message not received. Just look in your service waiting room and this should answer your question about where you should be focused.
Taylan Yu
Great topic! The phones have been quiet, especially on the new car front... Does anyone have an average conversion rate for text ups? I've been told by my Trader Rep, my GSM, and sales manager that live chat / texting is old news and doesn't work. As a millennial I am accustomed to non-personal communication, I am skeptical to believe that other shoppers that grew up like me are eager to pick up a phone and deal with an associate. Besides texting and webchat what can we do to funnel more traffic? -information kiosks at malls? -On lot quick quote / VDP printer for sunday shoppers?
Chris K Leslie
Have you seen an increase in traffic to your website? Maybe the small bits of information that people had to call about before are now being answered online and hopefully on your website. This should actually be a good thing as it should open up more time for you to spend with more qualified customers and dive into your crm for equity opportunities. Unless of course you want to be more of a receptionist than a Business Development Center
Jerry Thibeau
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