Are your Sales Meeting Effective?

Mark Winters
Are todays sales meeting effective? How do you use your sales meetings. Do you find that they are more of a "house keeping" meeting than any thing else. Who runs your sales meetings? Do they have an agenda? My thought is that the modern sales meeting has lost it's actual purpose. Training. What is the structure in your store? I would like to know how the Sales meeting has evolved or de-evolved.
Lauren Moses
Mark, Great question. We do a meeting every morning. We open at 8 so we do it first thing. We go over our sales books for the day before. Our owner runs the meetings and asks questions about the customers, makes suggestions for getting them back in, etc. If there have been any issues, those get taken care of, we also talk about just general auto industry things.
Mark Winters
Laura, That is fantastic. The 'Save a Deal" meeting is still alive and well. From my perspective it has been a thing of the past and is dying. Do you do any sales training?
Lauren Moses
No unfortunately we dont. I think they used to but i've only been here since March so they have done it in the past and I just don't know about it.
Megan Barto
Save-A-Deal - everyday Sales Call Review Training - once a week Manager's Meetings - once a week Sales Meeting - once a week Sales Training - once a week Deal Review - once a week. Unwritten agendas, depends on which meeting it is who "runs it" sometimes - it's more just a "Meeting of the minds" with no clear person running it - we don't always need an "overseer" :-)
Mark Winters
Ha, good point about the overseer. Many meetings can be impromptu and in the hallway or on the showroom floor.

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