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Ron Henson
In looking for a new car for my wife, my frustrations have been slowly building with the process. It seems that the only way to progress toward a purchase at my local dealers is to "Come on in." Case in point, I tweeted 4 local Toyota dealers yesterday with a specific question. Guess how many responded?
Vincent R
Lauren Moses
I would bet 1 at most. Not a good outcome if you are posting about it either way.
Megan Barto tweeted AT 4 local Toyota Dealers? ::: sigh ::: I'd be willing to be that 0 (or 1) responded. Check their feeds - how many of them ONLY post from Facebook?
Ron Henson
So, I won't keep you on the edge of your seats any longer. 2 dealerships responded. One responded that they absolutely had to talk to me on the phone or that I had to come in. SMH. :-( The other dealership engaged immediately and carried on the engagement for most of the day.......on Twitter! Well done! Well done! Well done! Looks like I'm picking up a vehicle from them this weekend!
Lauren Moses
Ron, Glad to hear that you atleast had one good response. All hope is not lots...YET! I totally agree with not forcing people to come in. A simple questions of "What will you do with me when I get there?" should give you detail enough to know if you really want to deal with them or not. If you have to have a customer come in just to let them know that you do or do not have a vehicle that they are looking for, then your going about it all the wrong way.

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