Attention Please

Amanda Gordon

I've noticed an influx of device usage while customers are in the Finance Office finalizing docs. How does your team keep them focused on the legal process and the task at hand? 

Derrick Woolfson

That is interesting - I will have to ask our finance managers? I wonder, too, what they are searching??? 

Glenn Roseman

Keep them engaged, either by participating in document process, asking fact based questions that require thought out answers . If on a device I usually ask them to search for ideas, items, stories, postings related to this purchaser, vehicle purchased, etc. They enthusiastically follow YOUR lead.

Amanda Gordon

Derrick they're on FB, nothing to do with the process smh.

Amanda Gordon

Glenn  good idea. When Im contracting I typically ask them for 15 device free minutes as this process is the most important and we don't want them to miss any valuable information.

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