Auction Station (Need help!)

Tyler Larson
I am setting up a auction station and need some help. What is the right equipment? Type of computer, monitors, hookups? I have an iMac and two 60hz televisions and it is extremely doggish. I think it is because of the televisions I have hooked up. Please help! Thanks!
Bill Simmons
What is it you're trying to do, broadcast Manheim simulcast? Your current setup should work, if it is buffering and sluggish it may be due to your internet connection.
Mark Miller
The type of display should have no affect. In the past I've seen iMac's used with 60 inch displays and no issue. I think Bill is on the right track, your internet connection could be the issue, especially if you are on a wireless network. To clarify thought, what part of it is "doggish" that may help in identifying the issue Tyler.
mark rask
great idea!
Tyler Larson
@Bill yes watching Simulcast and both you and @Mark thanks for your input. We will cable drive the computer and see if that changes anything. The "doggish" mean when I have multiple auctions running the computer can't keep up with the lanes and I lose the ability to bid and even see cars run.
Mark Miller
@Tyler, That sounds like either an internal or external bandwidth issue on your network or internet. If using an ethernet cable does not solve the issue I'd check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and see what speed they are giving you, if may not be enough for the number of users you guys have accessing the internet and the auctions. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have, I was the IT manager for multiple dealerships and run our IT department now.

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