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Thomas Griddine
More often than not a dealership is looking for instant gratification in the area of sales for any sales person without the proper training what I've discovered is either no real training or inadequate and inconsistent training most dealers, owners or gm's are so consumed with the end result which is putting the cart before the horse thousands of $ are spent every month on advertising, trying to attract customers and little if no money is spent on training try eating a tv dinner before it's microwaved ? the package says for best results heat up for a specific time before eating ask your sales staff to sell cars without proper training and knowing YOUR procedures and processes what would you do for the best results ? for a fraction of the money spent on advertising, they talk about ROI what's a better way to spend your money other than on CONSISTENT TRAINING in areas that you are not satisfied with
mark rask
This is exactly right. Training should be the core of the dealership
Robert Karbaum
I always refer to this analogy. The quintessential "salesman" is a hunter. They hunt for the nights meal, eat, and rest for the next day. What I strive towards is the "farmer". Planting seeds for the future, keeping the soil healthy, and ensuring food for years to come. But that's just me. What does everyone else think?
Randi DeSantis
You're right- and after hours of OEM training there's nothing a salesperson wants more than to spend more time being told how to do their job- while not making money. I genuinely enjoy a few conversations on this board- but some of the pontifications like this- implying that YOU- as a "consultant" - know so much more than people inside a dealership- can be a little much. "Training blah blah blah- oh and did I mention I sell training..."
Robert Karbaum
Randi, What would your recommendation then? I'm curious.
Russ Chandler
Nice analogy Karbaum. Randi- I have to agree, I don't mind a shameless plug as long as there is legitimate and valuable content being shared with it. I work for both the dealer and vendor side of the industry, so I'm always balancing my motivation to participate on here. My rule of thumb is to always focus on providing relative and valuable content on With that said I also don't see anything wrong with making myself available to dealers that need my services on the tail of that contribution. What do you think?

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