AutoCheck vs. CarFax

Sarah Duggins
This is an interesting discussion that was brought up the other day and a report was published about it, you can check it out at Which one do you think gives better vehicle history reports AutoCheck or CarFax?
Matt Watson
How can anyone possibly know what data AutoCheck and CARFAX have to do a fair comparison? Yeah they can probably find 10 reports that AutoCheck has more data on that CARFAX. But so could CARFAX.
CarFax is a strongly marketed brand that has deep meaning to consumers. Most consumers will recognize the CarFax name and know it is something they can trust. As a dealer, I would leverage both, but know that when it comes to consumers, they would most likely prefer the CarFax branded report. Always best to do what you can to check the history of a vehicle. If cost was a concern, I'd stick with CarFax so that I could also leverage it with building confidence in the vehicle with the consumer.
Used them both and neither are perfect. Car Fax is favored by the customer and will show more 1 owner vehicles that AutoCheck. Just fired AutoCheck and use Carfax only now.
Sarah Duggins
I can see how Carfax's name is more recognized through their high budget ad campaigns and I see how that helps with consumer confidence to be able to recognize the brand. I personally like Auto Check better though, product wise. I feel their reports are more acurate and they go the extra mile in upgrading their product. For instance they are now adding in the vehicle history report if the car was traded in for the Cash for Clunkers program.
Jason Gorr
Price per pound, Autocheck is more Dealer-Friendly and Carfax is all about the consumer. I fired Carfax because of several reasons, one, they were dipping into my inventory and reporting maintenance info without my authorization and secondly, they cost too much. Been with Autocheck for 6 months now and have never had a client or possible client squeek about Autocheck.

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