Automotive market new trends.  Are you in or out?

Kenny  Hammad

People like to buy they don’t like to be sold.

Dealers like to sell. They start selling before giving the customer a chance to buy.

Make the customer welcome and comfortable being in your store.

Give them a chance to choose what they want before offering what you want.

Give them a chance to buy before you start selling.

Help them to choose if the need help.

Help selling them if they are afraid to buy.

Martins Ville

I help people buy. From the time they get on the lot we start at their trade and work our way to selection, discovering who they are and what they need in a vehicle. We inspect and drive the new ride and if it has everything they want as discovered on the test drive, and affirmation process, we segue to the show room where we wrap it up. We show then then best way too own it. Set up delivery. 

Mark Rask

That sounds spot on 

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