Autotrader Customer Survey Study

Steve Devereaux
Has anyone done the free Autotrader marketing survey where they call your previous 3 months' customers and survey them on where they found the vehicle that they bought? We are gathering the information that they need and are about to let them conduct the study. I will try to post the results and how it went on here. Please share anything you know about the study.
Joey Abna
Hopefully you will have better luck than I have. My rep has been promising me this study for about a year. I have filled out the paperwork as well but nothing has ever come of it. We first started down this road last fall. I was told they ran out of budget for the year but I could get in during the new year. Well its 8 months in and I'm still waiting.
Joe Webb
We've had a few of our dealers have this study conducted on their behalf. The results have all been very close to the same. The Internet is the leading source that customers are shopping on. Where the survey could improve is that, while many different online sources are found to have been visited prior to the customer's visit to your dealership, it is never clearly defined which source actually triggered them to choose your store. This is a great study if you have one of those dealers that are still hemming and hawing over immersing themselves online, and we've also found that it clearly shows just how much business is from either walk-in's or previous customers that have researched online but not contacted ahead of time. How you utilize the data to change your overall processes is the key. I'll look forward to your follow up with the results.

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