AutoTrader Metrics

Ron Henson
If you had to pick one AutoTrader metric that you would say is the most important one that you look at every month, what would it be?
Jeff Revilla
There is so much you can't control with listing sites, but the one thing that is constant across all digital platforms is Dollars / Eye Balls. How much did it cost to get one set of eyeballs to look at one of my vehicles? You can get a sense of what it costs and compare that metric to other display advertising. Is it more or less than Cars, LotLinx, Adwords, FB? How can you lower that cost? Can you be more efficient with those dollars?
Karen Ann
That is hard, I agree with Jeff: You have no control. Click thru rates from Search page to Vehicle Detail page. Cost per Vehicle Detail page view. Vehicle Detail page views per Lead. Which ultimately gives me a cost per Lead - which if I only had one metric, I guess that would be it. Although the path is very important if you need to fix this metric.
Robert Karbaum
Search Results Page - Vehicle Detail Page Everything else follows this metric. It can show you if you are priced to market, if you have chosen the right inventory, and the quality of your descriptions and photographs. Increasing this, will positively impact all stats behind it.
Nicholas Fisher
I like monitoring the scarcity index. I feel like SRP's and VDP's increase with the forced pay to play auto trader system which in turn make them a poor metric.
Robert Karbaum
Interesting point Nicholas. How would you say this would play out negatively?

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