AutoTrader or

Matt Lowery
Neither. We canceled both of them almost a year ago and have never looked back. I do believe they work in some areas, but they sure didnt for me. Autotrader lets you pay to win... not cool in my opinion. If they were really looking to help the customer find and buy vehicles they would sort rankings by price, not by how much the dealer pays Autotrader. I know several dealers in my 20 group that believe they really like them. However any time I ask to see ROI, it gets very sketchy.
Ron Henson
Interesting observations Matt. I hadn't even thought about the effectiveness of these services being affected by region. Anyone else finding that to be the case?
Chris K Leslie
I don't think it has to do with regions and markets as much as it has to do with how people research for goods and services. Search engines have become very reliable and have taken the authority away from aggregated sites like and AT. When I was at PubCon and spoke one on one with Duanne Forrester about VSR's, VDP's and aggregate sites. He told me flat out "Why would we want to serve up a search page first? We are a search engine." So what is it that those 2 vendors really offer at the end of the day? They are nothing more than a very small piece of a very large pie that is the consumer journey. They have become the virtual rag-mag from the corner store.
Bryan Armstrong
Interesting timing, I put in 30 day cancellations on both 26 days ago. I'm leaning toward keeping one of them, but would be interested to see what this thread brings.
Matt Lowery
Bryan, if you are going to keep one, what is your cost per VDP? We have had several experts in our Internet 20 group that has discussed this. For the most part they agreed that if you were paying less than $1 per VDP you were probably ok and getting enough exposure for your vehicles. I could never get that low myself.
Chris K Leslie
Matt, Where does that $1 per VDP come from?

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