Autotrader Trade-In Marketplace (TIM)

Jim Bell
We have been with Autotrader TIM for the last month or so. I am in need of some help. We went with the big kahuna package where we are the 'buying center' for our area. We get EVERY lead whether they are in the market for a Honda, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, etc. and we are a Honda single point store. Right now our process is broke and need help. We are having the internet team follow up with these people and trying to get them to come in so we can have first shot at their vehicle. We get : A.) a lot of resistance because we are a Honda dealer and not interested in our product. B.) a lot of disappointed customers as they think their vehicle is worth more. We do say that we may be able to offer more, but will have to see it in person. C.) Are you kidding me? I'm not in the market for a car. I just wanted to see what mine was worth. D.) No response from the customer at all after emails and calls. Obviously, we have had some success with the leads that are coming from our website like we did with Blackbook. But the others, not so much. Do we count these 'In-market' leads that are coming into our CRM as true internet leads? If they are looking for something that we don't sell and won't set foot in the dealership, I don't think so. AT sold us this package as a way to acquire inventory and so far, we have gotten I think 3 or 4 vehicles and sold 3 from i-leads from our website. What processes do you have in place to handle these leads for those using it? Do you handle them differently than other leads? I am thinking the inventory manager handle them? Any input would be great.
Bryant Gibby
I have heard of a dealership around here that does the same program with AT. They have the used car manager work the lead for the fact that all the customer is concerned about it their trade value. The used car manager should be able to speak a lot more intelligently about the trade compared to the salesperson and hopefully get the customer to understand why their car is worth what it's worth. Once the used car manager has worked out concerns on the trade, he can distribute the leads to the sales consultants. Hopefully that helps!
Manny Luna
Larry Bruce
Jim the best advice I can give you on AT TIM, get out as fast as you can. You are paying to provide a back link to AT helping the SEO and them to compete online for the customers attention in your market. You are paying to allow AT to hijack off your website traffic collect your visitor contact data and vehicle preferences for remarketing purposes, don't think for 5 minutes they are not going to do it and sell you back your own customer. You are paying to brand AT as the vehicle values authority NOT YOU! You can not convince people that are not in the market to get that way with any profitability There is no upside for the dealer in this program, get out now. .
Jim Bell
@Larry- We have everything fromed in within our website so they aren't going to AT. I am thinking our process is just broken and needs to be fixed. @Bryant - I am thinking I am in agreement with you in having our buyer deal with the customers, not my salespeople. This is something that we will be looking at next week and has been a hot topic in the last few days with me and my GM.
Michael Acord
"@Larry- We have everything fromed in within our website so they aren't going to AT" From a search engine optimization point of view, the use of the IFRAME is problematic for several reasons. First, whenever a search engine spiders the content that’s within an IFRAME, the search engine will normally link to the IFRAMED page itself instead of the “master” page it is housed within. Often, this means searchers are delivered to a page without site navigation. This is not optimal for keeping the attention of search engine spiders or visitors. A good example of a page like this within Google’s index: Next, if you’re using an IFRAME to display another website’s content within your overall navigation structure, you’re now subject to showing whatever that site may change their content to say. Today’s IFRAMED page about birth control may be tomorrow’s IFRAMED page about a less savory topic. Of course, search engines will recognize you’re serving another site’s content so it will have no positive impact on your site’s rankings. Additionally, some users turn off the IFRAME element in their browser’s advanced settings because of a the security hole it presents (trusted websites can unwittingly serve malicious content via IFRAMES). Finally, and this is the most important point, I’ve spotted some sites that have multiple IFRAME “shells” on different URLs that all serve the same framed-in content. In the eyes of the search engines, this is duplicate content and is likely to be reason for de-listing. If you can’t tell, I don’t recommend using IFRAME in your site’s code. Just like framesets, there was a time for them, but that was years ago. Duplicate content, end-user experience and security concerns are factors I consider to be argument enough.

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