Background Music and Sales

Chip Dorman
I'm curious, does anybody have any strong feelings or experience about background music and its effects on sales at your dealership? If so, do you have any academic studies to backup your feelings or experience?
Mark Miller
I would agree that background music is important to help minimize overhearing other conversations. I have nothing academic to back this up, but common sense tells me that I do not want someone overhearing a tense or angry discussion just as I don't want other negotiations to be overheard. While background music isn't loud enough to drown out conversations, it certainly gives a person something to focus on instead of other conversations around them.
Brian Randio
Keep it up-tempo, but generic. Of course we switch to holiday stuff when appropriate. But otherwise you need to have something out there. If it's too quiet people can get a weird eerie feeling. But otherwise it's good to mask other conversations and muddle other customer negotiations. It keeps people in their own zones to an extent and also subconsciously brings up their excitement level if the right stuff is playing.
Tony Wood
As many people have stated, it helps to keep conversations from being overheard. A perfect example is our sales tower. For some reason it has an acoustic setup that literally amplifies everything said in there like a dang whisper arch, haha. Music is imperative at that point because as we all know, sales tower conversations are not always the most PC. With that said, I wouldn't want a customer playing hardball to give a lay down customer any ideas. I think the background sound plays a lot of different important roles. As for the station, we typically alternate through a couple of local stations so we don't stick to one genre all day.
Tony Wood
I'm sorry Sheri, but Taylor Swift would make me do an about face and leave, haha!
Megan Barto
Pandora - RJD2 (artist) - you'll thank me later. :-)

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