Bad lead data

Russ Chandler
How often are you(dealers) receiving a lead that has a fake/mistyped email or phone number? Has anyone tried to do anything about it or is it not happening enough to really matter? I've worked with a few dealers recently who were generating a large volume of leads but with a high number of leads with bad contact information. Just curious how often this was going on and if it was a real problem.
Chris Pyle
Great question Russ. It got so bad here, they cancled Truecar because of it. Here's my guess as far as what's going on. Anytime we (any web site) are asking a customer to give us personal information (email address, phone number) the customer will hesitate to give it out for fear of being blasted with spam. With Truecar, all they want is a price. So they give the min amount of personal data possible to get the price and we end up with bad phone #s and now even bad email addresses along with bad names etc.
Russ Chandler
Thanks for sharing Chris. I'm hearing two main scenarios where customers are sharing inaccurate contact information. First is what I believe to be your scenario, where customers are being told its required to share information to get past some form of 'required' move forward. Second is more of a swap of information for information, which I believe to be your scenario, where they really aren't requesting anyone contact them. If they're left to assume on their own what would come after sharing their contact information then I think your spot on in believing they will assume spam. I would say it would be a better idea to give them a reason to want to be contacted or at least an expectation to what will be done with their contact information.
Lauren Moses
Russ, Definitely a problem. I don't get a ton but there are more out there than I'm sure any of us would like. Not only is it stupid (to me) to send in a request for price with incorrect information for us to get in contact with you, it also takes up our time in trying to contact them with those incorrect phone numbers and email addresses. Chris I think it on the head. Customers feel like they are going to get spammed like they do at every other website they give their email to by mass email lists and have 20 different spam emails from the same place.
Russ Chandler
Your spot on as usual Lauren! My feeling is that we should quit allowing them to assume what to expect after sharing their information and start giving them a better expectation. Better yet, let them control it by asking what their preferred method of communication is and a selection of reasons they WOULD want to be contacted.
Lauren Moses
I know on our website lead forms there is a preferred method of contact. We also have a comments section which I know is also on most 3rd party sites as well. When I get incorrect information (which is extremely rare) from those leads it's usually in the emails and you can easily tell what the mistake is. Example.... I see more mistakes from 3rd party leads than I do our website.

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