Balloons, Purple Gorillas & Dancing Floppy Tube Guy

Ron Henson
What are your thoughts on these and other lot marketing tools? Does your dealership use them? Why, or why not?
Linda Loepker
We use balloons only. Creates a little - oh, what's going on there today? - we hope.
Grant Gooley
This is just another way to "Interrupt" people. Thats what marketing is all about! BUT, I personally think that there are a lot of other less cheesy ways to get attention from a buyer with the technology we are provided these days. I must say the ballon blimp I saw above an Infiniti dealership for a grand opening recently was kinda cool...
raphael chan
Create excitement in the showroom itself. Humans are social beings and when it feels like people are buying and deals are going on they will feel a need to "get in on that". Like Grant said customers today wont be fooled so easily by the wacky inflatable flailing arm tube man (love him as much as I do) the best way to go about it is making the atmosphere for the buyers in your showroom a pleasurable one.
Lezlie Brannan
No, no, and no. And no shiny flags draped across the light poles on the lot.
Dustin Lyons
In my years of selling cars I never once had a customer tell me they were just driving by and saw our balloons and just had to stop and buy a car lol. I think that Raphael is right on with the excitement and people. I think that dealerships can do better things to attract people and make people feel welcomed and excited. Although there is the rare exception, cars are generally not an impulse buy, and so putting more efforts into finding actual people that are in the market rather than just people driving by I believe would do more for sales.

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