Ballpark Trade Appraisals

Ron Henson
What is your dealerships philosophy or policy on ballpark trade appraisals either on the phone or via email, chat or text?
Vincent R
We use NADA. Usually rough trade in value.
Lauren Moses
We do NOT by any means, do a ballpark trade in. It must be seen to get a price on it.
Dirk Arneson
Lauren, How is that working for you, IDK I just feel like if the customer is pressing the issue you have to give a number to not lose him.
Ron Henson
Hi Lauren, Thanks for participating. What is the process in your store when a prospect says, "I need a general idea on what my car is worth before I will commit to come to the dealership?"
Lauren Moses
We let them know that our owner is the one to do the appraisals. Automotive is in the family, The owners brother owns an auto auction down the road 2 minutes. So if the owner is ever unavailable we call and get his brother to come appraise. If the customers press the issue we just schedule for them to come back when someone is here who can appraise it. Because of course your best deals come from a hand shake! I know I've only been here since March, but I have yet to have someone walk away because we wouldn't give even a ballpark figure. I always explain it to them as, "would you give me $25000 for my car?" And if they respond with "Well I don't know, I've never seen your car." It usually does the trick.

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