Basic CRM function is a big CRM problem for most?

Matt Watson
I have a question for everyone out there on how your current CRM works. Let's pretend you setup an internet follow up process with several emails and events that happen for 90 days from when a lead comes in. If you modify the email template attached to your day 7 email, does your CRM properly apply that to all the leads you previously received? Or does it still send the previous version? If you change the email template on your day 7 email from one email template to another, does your CRM properly apply that to all the leads you previously received? Or does it still send the previous email template? If you decide to add a new day 10 email, does it properly apply that to all the previously leads you have received that are less than 10 days old so they go ahead and get this new event? Now think about a sold follow up process that could go on for years. Does your CRM properly apply changes to your processes as you adjust them over time? I'm asking this because supposedly most CRMs out there can't do these
Angela Trapp
Our CRM tool (ADP) makes the changes, when we make them. If I change the 7 day email template, and there are multiple 7 day emails set to generate for the next day, it will send the updated template. Also, if I add an email template to the program, it will incorporate that email the next time it generates emails.
sean cabott
The Reynolds Contact Managemet system will apply a new document to an existing schedule with one day's notice. So based on your hypothesis if I add a NEW 10 day e-mail it will go to ALL even existing prospects that are not yet 10 days old Remember this tool is both time based AND results based in is scheduling You are correct - MOST CANNOT DO THIS...
Fred Beltjens
The Smart Web CRM system handles this easily... follow-up emails are not created until the automated process runs. So if a new template is added or existing templates are modified the change is in effect for all current and future leads matching the automated follow-up. Our CRM creates the emails for today just after midnight (last night) and they sit in the Outbox all day so the user can review what will go out that evening. If the emails are created and the user wants to change the template, they can simply delete the follow-ups that were previously created and re-run the automated process manually to grab the new template and/or changes. So either way the user has the flexability. So maybe some CRM's can not do this... I do not think it is MOST. A lot of vendors will tell you things they THINK are true but I guarantee these other vendors do not know the internal workings of MOST CRM's.
Fred Beltjens
Matt... How does your VIN Solutions CRM handle it? You are with VIN Solutions, correct?

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