Basline for percentage of Opportunities closed

Chad Sabatka
Baseline: 15-40%, more along the lines of 18-20%. In my opinion, there are so many variables across dealerships and markets to determine an accurate baseline for the industry. Some dealers mine for lots of leads, some dealers want few leads, but close a high % of the ones they get. The on-floor selling process greatly influences these numbers too. Too many factors at every dealership to come up with an industry average. Use your dealership and a timeframe (quarter, 6 months, year) to get your own baseline then work on the things to increase it from there. For the dealerships in our group I figure New & Used closed rates for each leads in Fresh, Phone, and Internet, then New & Used each across all leads, then New and Used combined. These close rates fall in between that 10-40% range. For example, Used at on our Ford, Lincoln locations closes 35-40% of all Used Leads. Same store closes 15-17% of all New Leads. 5 miles away, same selling process, similar inventory, same market, they close 16-18% of all Used Leads. Another Ford, Lincoln dealer in different market closes 20-22% of all Used Leads and 17-20% of all New Leads. Fresh close around 24-25% (on ave all markets New/Used) Phone close around 22-23% (on ave all markets New/Used) Internet close around 11-13% (on ave all markets New/Used) Total close around 18-20% (on ave all markets New/Used)

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