BDC Effectiveness?

Sara D
I am the Internet Sales Manager for the four stores we have in our dealer group. The way things are currently run is that internet leads come in and are routed to sales consultants, mostly specific consultants that are best suited to handling them. I do not contact the clients personally but make sure the leads are assigned properly, answered quickly and appropriately, and followed up with. There has been talk of starting a sales BDC but the management goes back and forth about the extra investment in a BDC staff and whether there would be a return on investment or not. I believe there would be...because I see how difficult it is to get every salesperson handling the leads to adhere to the process, especially the long term follow up on leads that are not responding. Does anyone know of any stats on BDC effectiveness? I would like to look into how to make the department more productive, efficient and profitable. Thoughts? Thanks!
Michael Bilson
Sara..have you checked into Conversica ?
Hi Sara, if you want to pm me I'd be happy to talk with you about this and provide some advice, regardless if you chose to use my services. Thanks!
Sara D
Michael, yes we had looked into it in the past and it was not something my company was interested in. I'll keep it in mind for the future though thanks
Michael Smith
Shoot me a PM. I have started up a BDC for my current store and managed one at another store. If done correctly and depending on the lead volume it could be very beneficial.
Alex Lau
BDCs are only as strong as the tools they are using (CRMs and Plugins) and the quality of leads that are provided. Some people say, there is no such thing as a bad lead. There are plenty of tools out there like Conversica that enable dealers to increase their closing rates.

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