BDC Handling "Best Price" questions. How? Best Practice Ideas?

Michael Bilson
Curious how some BDC Departments are handling the often received "Best Price out the Door" requests from phone-ups or email.Are your reps able to quote price if a customer has a specific stock number? Does price need to approved by desk or do you have a pricing sheet/ structure in place?
Andrew Metcalf
Michael, I believe this depends on the goal of the BDC - some are oriented around pure lead gen and some for just appointment scheduling from what I've seen. In my experience around web / text leads the best approach to closing the lead seems to be following up with a message that speaks to competitive pricing and asking about a trade in, combined with asking for an email / name or phone / name for the sales manager to offer an out the door price. A high percentage have a trade in involved and this can be used to get the customer in.
Jerry Thibeau
We monitor how often the best price question gets asked on sales calls. National average is 5%. I like to overcome best price by bringing the trade to the table since most people have one. Also on used vehicles, sell the value of vehicle and not the price. You have to come see this one, it's probably the nicest car we've had in a while. I promise you price won't be the reason you don't buy this vehicle.
Tony Wood
Our BDC is focused on appt generation. We operate on complete transparency instead of reject and deflect. With that said we don't spill all the beans right away, we answer the question honestly, then push the appt. For instance, if they ask for best price, a typical response might be. "Sir the best price on this vehicle is $xxxxx(whatever it's listed for) which is a fair market value we offer to all of our customers. However, our Sales Managers love to meet people and are qualified to offer price concessions as well! When would be the best time to come in and test drive the xxxx?". We have pretty solid success in that regard. Hope that helps.
Frank Marshall
New Car: Customer asks "What's your best price on XXX". I reply: it's $$$$$, is that in your range? If yes then, when would you like to drive it? If no, then "I understand what you mean about the price but if it turned out to be everything you wanted would you at least consider it?" if yes then "when would you like to drive it?", if no, then "I understand what your saying, we probably do have something that will suit you, what price range would you consider? If it's a "beat down the street" price objection and the customer is local, then make an appointment for a manager to call them.

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