Marie O'Brien
I have been working in a GM bdc for 3 years. They changed the payplan a year ago in hopes that we didn't reach the top of the pay plan tier system. Well, I do almost every month. They have now scaled it way back so we have lost money. "you guys are bringing it alot of people, great job. We have to cut your pay" we cant afford to pay you that anymore. I found a better paying job elsewhere and gave my notice. The day I did that, they said they are revising the payplan yet again. My boss is making me feel guilty for leaving, saying, you dont know what the other place is like, and he knows I'm fearful of the unknown. What is your thoughts on this pay plan change- I lost about 10k a year with the change and the revised pay plan is not approved yet. I think they are buying time in hopes that I lose the other job oppourtunity because they are taking so long to change the payplan AGAIN. please help! I bring an average of 90 people into the showroom every month so i'm not a rookie, I know what I'm doing and they don't want me to go.
Robert Karbaum
Likely, what you suspect is true. Spread your wings and fly I say. Don't look back.
Matt Lowery
Overall I agree with Robert, but let me play a little devils advocate. The place looking to hire you could also promise the world to get you on board with plans to change the pay plan down the road (where I am at its common practice). You dont know the situation you are going into. There is (to me) a dollar value to staying with what you know. You have to figure out what that value is to you. We dont know what you make now, now what the promise of the new company is. I know people that would leave for $5000 more a year (I wouldnt). Everyone has a number though... whats yours?
Matt Lowery
Oh, and where are you located? I would be more than happy to steal you for my team. :P
Marie O'Brien
Thank you so much for professional feedback everyone! I am still very undecided. It's the lesser of two evils so to speak. I just hate being taken advantage of and losing money when I've been the number one rep for 3 years in this bdc. I've survived many transitions and proven my skills. Matt, I am in Southern New England! :)
Matt Lowery
If you are feeling taken advantage of, leave. I have been with my current employer for 11 years and have had several offers to make more money. I havent largely because I have never felt taken advantage of... underpaid a bit... over worked... but always within reason. If I felt taken advantage of, I would leave. Maybe they see how valuable you were to them a year down the road and offer you a much better package. Damn, if you are ever in South Jersey, look me up. :)

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