BDC Pay Plan

Carlos Bonito
We are restructuring our dealer BDC I want to implement a pay plan that makes Our new BDC agents more aggressive getting people in So that the sales staff has more opportunities to close Any idea will help me? Salary hourly bonus etc both for BDC manager and agents
Erik Post
I put a pay plan together that is $10-12/hr.. The bonus or commission structure is $1 for apt set, $5 for appt. shown, $10-15 for appt. sold. May or may not be that progressive of a pay plan but it gets it done.
Grant Gooley
I agree with Erik. Base the bonus around appointment set/shown/sold.
Megan Barto
We don't pay anything for "set" appointments. Only for shown/sold. The shown is a consistent amount, and then the sold is tiered based on the number of units. We also have a phone ninja bonus (if your score is + 4.25, you get a bonus).
Carlos Bonito
Thank you everyone for the info it's helping put together a good pay plan
Larry Schlagheck
Carlos - With Megan and Grant chiming in you have two of the rock stars in the industry helping you. They've both been on stage at the DrivingSales Executive Summit. Awesome people! (I don't know Erik, but I'm sure he's a solid performer too.) P.S. Glad to see that Megan now has a title!

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