BDC Pay scale

Scott McDowell
I need some help in getting information on what is a competitive pay plan in a semi rural market. Input would be appreciated. A phone call would be better!!! Thank you in advance... Scott McDowell 989.501.0174
Shannon Hammons
Scott, I'm not to far from you. I'm in Northeast Alabama. Email is easier for me. Shoot me an email and I will send you some of our stuff. Shannon Hammons
Megan Barto
Here are some general suggestions - don't pay on "set" appointments - pay on what your reps can control - if they're appointment setters, don't pay as much on sold - as they have the least amount of control over that pay on "shown" as the heaviest - this is what your BDC reps can control the most and weighing their pay plan the heaviest this way will drive more traffic...
Thomas Ieracitano
Good advise, I am building a centralized BDC and could use some input as well. Jacksonville, Florida with smaller stores, mulitple locations, niche non-domestic OEM's. my cell is 229-251-2462 and email Any ideas are welcome.
mark rask
I use the approach that Megan mentions
Robert Karbaum
I would disagree with Megan a little. We switched at the beginning of 2014 to weigh the bonus heavier on Sold than shown. Over the past 5 months we have seen an increase to all BDC stats overall as a result. Also, Salespeople do not look kindly on knowing a BDC gets paid on shown and it can create animosity in the dealership. A BDC rep can control shown, as they control the process. If they are timely, build rapport, book an appointment, call to confirm, and greet the guest when they arrive; they have setup a bases loaded scenario. What they do drastically affects if the vehicle sells or not.

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