BDC Penetration: BDCSales%:TotalStoreSales

Joel G.
Question about percentage of BDC SALES as the TOTAL STORE SALES. I am in a major market, city store, Toyota high volume. In the past, in smaller stores, I have seen BDC sales numbers in the 35-40% range, but I find here the BDC sales to consistently account for higher. Any input would be appreciated. Trying to forecast 2016.
kelly hazlehurst
We have been as high as 47%. Big group in a city!
Brandon McNett
@ Joel. We're in a smaller, rural (7500 people) community and a lot of our traffic remains walk in/repeat/referral. For that store we're usually in the 28-33% range. Looking to run it up to 33-35% Range.
Joel G.
Thanks for the input Kelly and Brandon. Is 50% + reasonable?
mark rask
We stay steady at about 40 percent......going to try to up that this year
Brandon McNett
When we had the BDC handling Toyota leads on a midsize Market (50k people) surrounded by rural communities - we were usually in the 38-40% BDC Penetration. I need to add, the previous dealership results I was sharing is a Chevy Dealership - 20 minutes outside of a metro (250k people). Within a 30 mile radius there are about 8 Chevy Dealers. Do any of you think that manufacturer has impact on the closing/BDC Penetration?

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